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I was wondering how often most people change there strings?

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When they sound dead or break. As far as frequency, it depends on what I've been playing and how often.
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According to my bassist, about eight or nine monthes depending on the amount of slap abuse they suffer and brand.
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the DR High Beams lasted me for 10 months it really depends what string. brand etc
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I like to change my bass strings around every three months. I like the nice new sound to the strings.
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I play fretless basses--I have had the same strings on there for about 2 years! No sign of wear or dulling--I use the nylon tape wound La Bella strings.

The fretted basses I own, I used to have to replace strings every few months--back when I played them daily. I don't slap, so they seem to last longer. I also used the "cryogenically activated" Dean Markley strings, which sounded super bright initially and mellowed out to a nice tone in a matter of weeks (or days, if I ate at KFC and played the bass without washing my hands--Jaco Pastorius' gimmick).
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Well as Anarkee said when they sound dead to me, or at least dull. As i play a lot, it tends to be about every six to eight weeks. But i clean my strings after i've played and i always wash my hands before i play so they last a bit longer that way..

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Whenever they break

Yes, I use the thick guage bass strings, and they break.
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i change them every 6-10 months (depends on when they die, i slap alot) or when one breaks. like yesterday my warwick's d string broke so thet'll be gettign some black labels put on it
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I wouldn't change them until I absolutaly had to or they break, because they are ****ing expensive
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iv'e had my bass for about 8 months now, and i havent had to change the strings yet...
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Only when they break, which is actually moderately often

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I've never had a string snap on me. Do the Jamerson thing: get some flatwounds and never EVER change them.

Also Jaco never used the chicken grease thing, thats just an urban myth.
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Quote by Drmckool
i change them every 6-10 months (depends on when they die, i slap alot) or when one breaks. like yesterday my warwick's d string broke so thet'll be gettign some black labels put on it

dude, my black label d broke yesterday too. wtf??

those black labels are awesome tho. i had my set on for two years before my d brokes yesterday. i was choked whn it happened tho, cuz im outta money(damn xmas shopping) and i dont have replacements! so im really bummed out about that. but those black labels are amazing. i slap and pop the hell outta my warwick, im suprised this set lasted so long! im definately puttin on new black labels once i can afford them.
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I change mine every 2 Months and i use Elixir Strings

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I've used the same strings fror 2 years....... That sound alright tome.......
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i try not to restring my bass unless it starts to mess with my pickups, its only happend a few times but it gets to the point where all i get is this really fuzzy sound.
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When they break or get ridiculously worn out.

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generally every 3 months, or before a show. i prefer a realy brought clicky tone and new strings is one of the important factors in it. but shite expensive, 120 bucks a year on strings =S
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If I had enough money I would change them every two or so months but I don't so it's been 4 months on the GHS ones which IMO died in the first 3-4 weeks.

Oh and to Cliff Williams and The1bassist06 it's way easier to have a gear list in your sig so you don't have to keep posting it. It's just always there just a tip.
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Well most people change them when they break or sound like s**t. A friend of mine had the same strings for two years...they didn't even have a sound left. But according to Epiphone you're supposed to change them a/b every two months.
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I use nickel flatwounds so I wait until one breaks, then I get a new set.
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