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Alright, this is my first shot at powertab, and I'm pretty pleased with it. Lyrics will be posted somewhere else later.

Crit for crit, thanks in advance.
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The intro was good, didn't care for measures 4 and 5. That riff was a tad bit boring. I really liked measure 9. Great riff there. The string thing in measure 10 was a bit annoying. The solo was really good, except for the bent note at the 24th fret. That was kinda harsh on the ears. The riff after the solo is pretty good. The bass riff at measure 18 was catchy. The riff after that was decent also. Then measure 23 went back to that boring riff. And everything after that was good.

Overall, fairly decent song. But could use some working on. 6/10

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If you liked that, check out the melodeath/folk peice and dreams of eternal rest. More along the lines of metal.
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Yeah you got some good riffs there.
And i think that measures 4 and 5 could be good
if you work with them and fix the timing for gtr3.
The riff that started at measures 9 was great, but make some variation over gtr3.
I dont know about the solo, its just lots of notes playd fast.
And its supose to go fast in the solos, but not all the time.
Its pretty good that thing at measures 17 when one guitar stops the other starts.
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ah a very nice piece

It feels like you should put that solo a little earlier and that the whole thing with the lead is overplayed before the solo. like totally cut out measures 11 and 12 flows better

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wow this is just awesome i love all the riffs, and the strings were a nice touch. im thinking uve just invented modern american black metal

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Wow, I really enjoyed it. It has so much of a Woods of Ypres sound. I'd love to hear this recorded.
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I like all the eerie sounds you put for gtr3.

Excellent. Seems somewhat like Symphonic Black Metal.
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I thought it was decent, but there are a couple of things that I don't like:

1) too many octaves. It was cool the 1st couple times, but the same use of vibrato'd octaves got a little old for me, and
2) I thought there were a few places you could've expanded a couple of old riffs or written new leads over them to make it sound more original the second time it's repeated.

But, all in all, I thought it was pretty cool. The intro was solid and the whole song definitely sounded cool, it just got a lil boring for me. 8/10. Crit Mine please?
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i thought it was quite solid. it didnt amaze me, but itd make for a decent track methinks. id like to hear what youd do with it if you recorded it, i reckon the more atmospheric octaves could come off quite well
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Yeah, the solo is just something put in to signify more of the mood of that song, when I put the lyrics up, you'll see that I guess. The song is about Gallipoli. Thanks for the crit, I'll listen to yours soon.

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The intro was alright, but i didn't really like bars 4 and 5. The rest until bar 12 is decent, nothing too special, the harmonization part was cool.

It was alright.

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I really liked it. It should sound way cooler if you recorded it on guitar but as for your first go at Powertab it sounded really good. 8/10
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i really liked the riff at measure 6 and the solo was pretty damn good...on some parts you repeated too often... measure 4 as an example...

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Hey man, i thought it sounded really cool. especially the violin part. And i liked the Dropped C Guitars. Rock on! lol please crit my song.
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Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. ctb, I'm going to record it fairly soon, and fav13andac1), I will crit your song later on tonight. BC_Joshlz, if you post a link in this thread to your song, I will crit that aswell.

Once again guys, thanks.

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Now, you see, I wasn't that impressed there.

The riffs were somewhat boring. Personally, if I was going for that sort of melody line - chug - melody etc style thing you had going on, I would have upped the tempo.

The solo breaks were nice, but the riffing just didn't do it for me. Sorry. The violin was a nice touch though!

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-Bars 1-3 were masterfully done but then the rest is pretty boring I think
-Reminds me of Insomnium too much, but that's not necessarily that bad a thing
-It had a good flow
-All those symphonic-ish parts are a little annoying
-Bar 15 was easily my favourite though.
-The solo was High E wank which didn't really appeal to me, especially the harmonized part.
-The part right after it is great though until those brutal chords come in and well....make the song brutal.
-The bass interlude is nice, but the parts coming after it are really annoying too

Overall, 7/10 mostly because of bar 15.
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