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Hey Im Rate™ and I found this site and thought it was awesome so i joined. Yeah!
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k. hi how ya doin.

and dont ask ppl for buttsecks because you'll get it....

and not the good kind
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just might be testicular cancer, but I bet you'd give your left nut not to have cancer
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Welcome. Don't act like Sept or Oct 2006ers and you'll do fine here...

and yes, as GreenPhantom said... no buttsecks.
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R.I.P Ean.

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Quote by Rate™
Hey Im Rate™ and I found this site and thought it was awesome so i joined. Yeah!

Yeah so here's how it goes (/free advice):
1. Absolutely no text speak!
2. Do not flame without good reason!
3. Do not make idiotic threads!
4. When making a thread (actually before you make a thread) look around the forum a bit and use the search button to see if there is already threads like the one you had in mind.
5. Use the ONLY threads to ask questions (if there is one). For example if you had a question about Red Hot Chili Peppers you'd ask it in the ONLY Red Hot Chili Peppers thread-thread.
6. Be nice and don't be a dickwad to people.
7. Don't steal people's avatar's
8. Oh here' a good one, Try to use proper grammar and spelling, I try my best haha.

Sorry thats all the advice I could think of.
Welcome to UG.

By the way how did you get that TM in your name?
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hi. there's a thread for introductions at the top of the forum.
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