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This song is a bit different from any others I have written. As the name implies, each section portrays a character from the Wizard of Oz. I have sections for Dorothy, the Wicked Witch, and the Scarecrow at least started, and plan to do sections for the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion. I'm really excited about this one, I think it's turning out nicely so far.

I'd like some feedback especially on the Wicked Witch section. Enjoy!
Character Sketches from the Wizard of Oz.zip
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The "Dorothy" section is actually really good. Very melodic, nice chords in the background with the strings. The lead line was kinda cheezy, but it seems like it fit well.

The "Witch" section, although effective at changing the mood of the piece 100% is, in my opinion, overly dissonant, with the b5 chords. Also the bass sounds like something outa the dungeon in Super Mario Bros. Also the lead line starting on 41 still sounds "happy" except the last note of 42, which is the minor 2nd of the G5 in the background and is totally dissonant. I do like the bridge starting on 45.

The "Scarecrow" section is nice, goes back to more of the original theme but even happier. Sounds good.

Its really cool and could definitely go somewhere. I just think the Witch section is trying way to hard to change the theme.

Thanks for the crit on my piece fellow Kansan.
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I really liked it.. Didn't notice that much dissonance in the witch part. My favorite part was the the "Witch" part actually.. But that's probably because of the lack of heaviness in the rest of the song. Everything was very well written, but the transition from the "Witch" to the "Scarecrow" part didn't sound as good as the first transition. The finished result is going to be killer if it keeps going like this.

8/10 so far
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Loved it so far, just needs a better transaction from Witch to Scarecrow as already said.
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I loved the slap bass in the witch section, by far my favourite section.

I agree that you need to work on the 2nd transition, but everything else is fine.
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Thanks for all your comments. I will work on the transition from the Wicked Witch to the Scarecrow. Hopefully will have another version up this weekend or next week after I get through my finals.

RPotts: I did fix the minor 2nd thing you talked about. Originally, I thought it would be so quick that it wouldn't really be noticeable or that it would not distract much, but since you mentioned it, I fixed it.
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I liked the whole thing a lot.. All I noticed would be, as many have said, the transition from the Witch to Scarecrow...

I loved everything else, but I kept wanting to hear a diminished chord or something during the Witch section.. Like, when it plays the 2 chords, rest, left hand muting, instead of left hand muting, put a diminished chord or something every other time.
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im listening to this song right now im so far im liking it alot. its very melodic and the notes the lead guitar is playing fit the song perfectly. the slap bass goes with the song very well. i like the way the song slightly changes at 1:36 but whenever it gets to 1:48 and changes into the witch section i think the transition from one to the other didnt connect. also whenever the witch section starts at 1:48 to me its seems too loud. the outro is good i like the way the bass and the guitar connect flow.

so the things about this song i like the best are using the slap bass, the lead guitar which starts at 0:14, the synth sound that starts at 0:27 (what exactly is that called?) and when the bass goes higher at 1:36.
the part of the song i think could be improved is the flow into the wicked witch section

its a good song and i like the idea behind it i give it 8/10

thanks for listening to my songs
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starting off i didnit read anyone elses cuz they were too long haha sorry if i repeat anything they say... i think this is an awesome awesome idea, i feel like the witch part could be scarier or at least heavier, but i listen to death metal and ive become desensitized, the doroty part is awesome, but i think id start with the rainbow theme rather than end with it, and the transition to the scarecrow could be a little better, these are all really really minor things, and more like what id do rather than what should be done. u defiantely need to keep going worlds of potential

soo much n00bage
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dude, amazing, i love the witch's feel how its all errie and how the dorothy theme switched to the witch sections, awesome job man
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Sounded very good. It's like some sort of video game horror song It would be much more greater with drums. You have chosen good name on it.

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I seriously got chills when Somewhere Over the Rainbow kicked in. Really good job on this. Can't wait for the rest.
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This is such a cool piece of music! Kudos to you sir; I really liked how you went from calm to dissonant and then back to a chill music feeling. The bass during the witch and scarecrow sections is insanely cool. Finish it, cuz this piece is awesome. 9/10. Please crit mine. http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=485226
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All very well done.
I especially love how cheery the Scarecrow sounds.
Reminds me of.. I dunno, little kids hopping around laughing and singing with picnic baskets ^^

As for the Witch section, other than just throwing the tritone around, maybe try to come up with the clashing sound somewhere else.
You used it so much to the point it lost its effect.
Great job though ^^