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Hey guys,
I've been playing guitar leisurely for about 3 or 4 years now and I play a wide variety of different music, so I'm a decent guitarist. The other night I was at a party and they brought out a acoustic and told me to play some stuff and I had a mental block, I couldn't think of any songs that they would know. So basically what I am getting to is what are some songs I can play at parties that either people will automatically know or people can sing along to or something like that?
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Create something

Take an old classic and make it acoustic,

Like NIN - Hurt - Johnny Cash made that amazing.

Take something like a Journey song, or play an acoustic Floyd song.
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that green day song..... uhhh time of your life i think. chicks dig it and pretty much everyone knows it and its easy as hell to strum and play.
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all depends who your playing for, im 40 and been playing for 25 years and at partys i play alot of classic rock and beatles stuff . i also play songs that chicks would dig like some of those wimppy love ballads from life house, howie day ,nickleback or a few greenday stuff that people know! .also it would be good for you to play some instumental guitar stuff like classical gas , greensleeves or what ever !. if you got enough balls to sing then do so,if not save yourself any embarassment and let the guitar do all the singing. its good to be prepared when you are called apon to play at a party, learn a good 10 songs and commit them to memory so that you will be able to play and capture the room ,treat like a gig!
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you could always play some oasis or something, easy and well known too
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Quote by gblues rocker
also it would be good for you to play some instumental guitar stuff like classical gas , greensleeves or what ever !

Or perhaps Signe (Clapton) or something similar sounding. Always loved that song...
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If you could play and sing Bloodhound Gang - Fire, Water, Burn that is always a hit when I play it.
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just a few......

Tears in heaven - Eric Clapton
Time of your life - Greenday
Wonderwall - Oasis
Hurt - JC version
Whats my age again - Blink 182
Tribute - Tenacious D
**** her Gently - Tenacious D (depends wat kind of party)
Cannonball - Damien Rice
Mr. Brightside (acoustic) - The Killers
Wake me up when september ends - Greenday
Chasing cars - snowpatrol
times like these (acoustic) - Foo fighters
Everlong (acoustic) - Foo Fighters
Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Knocking on Heavens door - Bob Dylan
Dont look back in anger - Oasis

All of those are popular and fairly easy to play!
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I think it would be amazing to learn the song from Starsky and Hutch that Owen Wilson plays to get Carmen Electra and the other girl - that would be hilarious. Of course not that many people would get it though.
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dude, i have the same problem. Whenever ihave guests they always want me to play guitar, and then i just feel like i dont kno what to play. it's rly odd
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The coolest song to play at Parties? , it is a logically impossible statement. There is nothing I hate more at a party than some douchebag playing a well known song on guitar and completely butchering it, all the while moving their body back and forth like they are really into the music.

If somebody asks you to play a song at a party, just do the right thing and put the guitar away.
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Songs that people know should be what you want to play, preferably ones with easy sing-along choruses. You don't wanna play a concert, you want drunk people to have fun (not that those two things can't go hand-in-hand.

R.E.M.: Losing my religion
Leonard Cohen: Hallelujah
Dolly Parton: Jolene

Stuff like that, which are easy to play, easy to sing along to (at least on the chorus) and that sound good.
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Chicks dig James Blunt, might have to tune down a step though