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I dont know anything about him/her/them except that they seem to be praised along-side some of my favorite 90's indie heroes.

Anyone wanna give me some insight on this band,

best cds, best songs, etc.

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I only have 'black foliage'. Was told at the time of getting it that it was their best but it was never really in my CD player as much as I thought it might've been.
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I don't think they're the best, but they certainly are talented.
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I just know that they're part of the Elephant 6 dealio so they should probably be at least decent?
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They're easily my second favourite E6 band, after NMH. Both Dusk at Cubist Castle and Black Foliage are great. DaCC is more 'poppy' and more straightforward, while Black Foliage is a lot more experimental. I prefer Black Foliage, but I think I'm probably in the minority. It's probably best to start with DaCC anyways.

Really, really, great stuff. My favourite song would probably be 'a peculiar noise called Train Director', from Black Foliage.

And for what it's worth, these guys are miles better than Of Montreal, Circulatory System, and Apples in Stereo.
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Dusk at Cubist Castle is an album that is in the mold, but just a step down form, the Beatles' White Album. It's beautifully composed, executed, and produced. It's like Neutral Milk Hotel except less heavy, more instrument driven, and more experimental. I haven't heard Black Foilage unfortunately.
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Dusk at Cubist Castle is awesome. The Green Typewriters songs are great.
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