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Any suggetions?

I would like it to be sad, but beautiful, preferably fingerpicking (because i'm learning how).

Since i'm just learning how to finger pick, it shouldn't be super hard.

Thanks :3, i know there are a lot of restrictions and stuff
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blackbird by the beatles
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fade to black by metallica.....lovely balled
the abyss by sepultura (dont let the name throw you - its almost bluesy)
good old stairway to heaven by led zep
have fun
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Spanish Romance is a good one nobody knows who wrote it. Its got some hard parts but once you get the hang of it you'll realize they are not that hard and the ladies love it

Dust in the wind is a good one

and thanks for making this tread I was looking for some songs like these myself but I alraedy know blackbird.

anybody got more suggestions?
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None of these are classical songs......

Threadstarter, are you looking for actual classical songs or just anything fingerpicking? Two very different realms.....
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moonlight sonata, i'm working on it now myself, starts out easy enough but there are some convoluted pieces in it that might hurt your hands
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Melancholy Galliary by Dowland. It you're starting it may be a little hard though...
Other than that, all you have to get used to is the &**#ing quasi-lute tuning.
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I don't know exactly what your looking for, but an easy one to start with could be Greensleeves?
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black bird is classical.
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i dont play the banjo.
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blackbird was my first song ever, it's perfect
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capricho arabe - paco de lucia

edit: I suppose this song isnt too "sad".. it definatly has a sad feel but there are some.. "happier" parts in it..

I'd say its generally a relaxing song though.. something you could close your eyes and listen to.. if you know what Im sayin :P
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Blackbird by the Beatles. And, on Paul McCartneys newer cd, Jenny Wren, its absolutely amazing. Its better than blackbird. And, the actual tuning is down a whole step, but you dont have to play it like that.
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Quote by MrFire8808
capricho arabe - paco de lucia

I was going to suggest that song. I've got about 2 minutes into the piece learned, its really fun to play I just wish it wasn't in drop D.
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Here Comes the Sun- The Beatles

Meant to be played fast, but if you have an acoustic, play it slow and it's practically taps.
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Mozart's Greensleeves.
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how about bache bouree in E minor

or Fur Elise by Beethoven ( Atleast I think it's by him!!)
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black bird is classical.

Classical is a period of music that existed after Baroque but before Romantic, all 3 of which ended more than 100 years before Paul McCartney was born.
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not strictly classical, and i dunno if it is sad or whatnot, but Dee by Randy Rhoads.
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Quote by UtBDan
Classical is a period of music that existed after Baroque but before Romantic, all 3 of which ended more than 100 years before Paul McCartney was born.

I understand, but it is the same classical style. Carcassi's "eventide" is one from that period.
"It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees"
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