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This is the song my band is working on right now. I honestly have no idea it would be classified as so I'm not even going to bother trying. The transition from the intro to the first riff is a little choppy and a couple other parts need a little work. crit 4 crit.

edit: sorry, computer ****ed up, look down a couple posts
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any links?
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yeah, a link would help...
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I liked! Good job, please repost when you have finished it.
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its pretty good all though i dont really like the clean guitar and then repeating that one riff 4 times, then harmonizing that...just really screwy at that part, the rest i like, its got good riffs and a driving bass line, very nice.

EDIT: defienatly not metal, maybe lamb of god hardcore, not metal though!!!!
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hey i liked it alot, the riff right before the pre verse is excellent, and the transition fills were very nice. i didi think some of the bass interludes were unnecesary but i see the effect you were trying to create.. awesome job
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Upon first listen the intro seems too long, but 2nd time its perfect length.

I like the distortion break through after the lil clean repeats, works really well in my view.

As for the dissonant harmonies afterwards, they are very of the genre, and dissonance is always just a personal like or dislike.

Me likes : )

It doesnt seem to scream structure to me, this would make it flow better and easier on the ear. If u repeated some of the begging sections at the end or just create a verse/chorus it would make it easier to listen to as the brain then has land marks to hear out for. Help the ear work out the structure : )

But yea, ace bass lines! Hope u can get sum1 to play them lol. Great riffs too! Sounds ace : )
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okay, i kinda ddnt see the markers on the Power tab score. my bad.


Structure is fine.

Its so hard to judge these things when the sound files are like midi's BUT WORSE
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The intro was painful. The chorus rocked. The verse was pretty good. I also liked the use of bass, with the bass solo parts and the basslines that didn't follow the guitar.

also, the title of this thread made me think of st. anger.
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the idea for the intro with the soft clean and the heavier guitar is a great idea, but the actual clean riff was annoying. the build up after the intro i really liked as well. u have some reallly excellent riffs in there. the rhythm in the chorus feels weird but thats pretty minor. overall it sounds really good. keep it up

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The only thing that i didn't like, it was the intro. It's kinda annoying to me. Maybe if it wouldn't be so long, it would be better. Oh, and the beggining of the pre-chorus (section 37) bugs me a little. IMO it should be a little bit slower. The pre-verse and verse are good, i really like it. The bridge is good, except of the end of it. (section 63, after the last music bar) It should be slower. The best things in this song, are the chorus and the bass line. The bass is really cool, i enjoyed it.

Very good song!
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I like this one...interesting concept to fuse the jazz and metalcore the end of the intro just before you go into straight metalcore parts might drag a little too long...i liked most of the rythyms after that and i like the bass throughout the song. good job. 7/10
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Critting as I listen. The first 40 or so seconds of the song bored me. Too much repetition, after that it gets interesting. I like that 7 bar bass fill. I didn't really like the chugging that followed. I like the chorus that was good. The interlude is also good. Once again the bass fill is good stuff. I like the bridge that was pretty good. The out chorus drags on for FAR too long though.

Overall, good song. I love the bass work in this song, it was REALLY good. 8/10.

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it was good once it got goin but that riff starting at 32 seconds i think? just kept ascending and that got quite boring maybe drop it down again instead of continuously goin up that would be my opinion, anyhoo the rest was sweet as, it could finish at that but im assuming your going to add more to it, maybe a solo? anyhoo good work, i dont like giving ratings because they never give you a real idea of how good it is because ppl usually just go 8, 9, 10 cos they dont want to give a bad crit, but your probably deserves around 8 as it was good but as i said maybe change that riff up and it'll be good to go c ya, maybe have a look at mine in my sig if you have time, its my first piece.
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Not totally my kind of thing, but there were some cool guitar riffs in there, it just sounded like there needed to be another guitar with quite a lot of it. Some of the bass twiddles were nice though and filled it out that little bit more, it was just when it wasn't playing or was playing the same notes as the guitar that it really needed something extra. With drums added though I suspect it'd sound full enough and really good.
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I love the bass, but the riffs sound kinda disconnected. It needs vocals or it'll always feel empty for us.
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thats nice man, with that fact that this may sound hipocrytical i think if you cut down some repeats or varied them more often it would be ace
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