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i would appreciate if people could crit these 2 song ideas that iv been messing about with.
i made the happy new year song over a year ago on new years eve when i was bored and stumbled on it today.
for the blue skies song i made a drum beat, which i use grace notes on quiet abit as i liked the sound of it. i added a little more to it today.
i think the stuff i have is ok so far but would like advice on what i have with these 2 songs to do with anything i could change, expand on etc. that would be appreciated alot. i will also crit some songs for you
happy new
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I liked the "Happy New Year" a lot, though it sounds like it wants to go some where. I liked what you had there though.

I didn't like the "Blue Skies" as much. I think the drums kind of broke it up and made it sound choppy. I liked the driving beat and fills of the "Happy New Year" and less the weird beat of the "Blue Skies."

Nice work on both of them, though. Care to crit my latest? Link is in my sig
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Happy new year
I really like this song, when I hear it, it seems to flow nice.

The bass and drums are really loud. That would be ok normally. But, because of the theme of the song, I would tone them down or even just change the mix volume. The piano part is really nice in most of it but is hard to hear over everything.

Maybe try some volume changes in each part. Then you can have the bass shine through when it come in, but then get quieter so it won’t overpower.

Some crescendos and descends would be nice on the guitar part.

Blue Skies
Dont like this one much, Odd beat...
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Happy New Year: really nice flow thru the song. But I felt like it had more potential than was in the song.

Blue Skies: Dunno why but it sounded slightly like Blink-182 (not in an insulting way though). But the drums were tight around some parts

Summary: Good job for both songs (better than I can do)

Crit my song?
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i think happy new year is something that could have alot more in it too. im stuck on ideas on how to expand it or add to it so does anyone have any advice on what i could do?