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Sorta sounds like Rise Against I think which is weird cause I haven't listened to them in a while. Please crit!
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Its Pretty good for the genre. But im not gunna judge too much cuz im not into that kind of music.,
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I don't really like the intro, it seems a bit slow for the song. And for the verse, instead of, "bang, pm,pm,pm,pm,pm," on the second and fourth bar in the verse, have, "bang, pm, bang,pm,bang,pm,pm,pm" If you know what I mean. The pre-chorus is good, but too many cymbals too close to each other.The chorus is a bit slow, but it sounds pretty cool. The solo, has too many abrupt stops in it. It should be flowing, like a river, man. And there's too many eighth notes. You should have more sixteenth notes in there. And the ending could be better. But you're right. It does sound like Rise Against (who rock).

Overall, 7/10. Needs some improvement. Keep working on it. Crit my new song?
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Decent. The intro didn't sound good, but the verse and chorus were pretty catchy. Like everyone else said, let the solo flow more. You should add an accented power chord at the end of the song after the bass-only part to end the song.
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the whole thing is a good idea but you have to tweak some things, the intro doesn't go with the song IMO, and the drums could be better... almost everything wrong has been mentioned before. keep working on it. cheers