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Yes, cheesy title I know it's mostly done apart from bass, I've not quite finished that yet. If you were wondering, I can't play the ending cleanly, but I'm not far off!

This is pretty much the most OTT song I've ever written... I'm basically just after some feedback, things that I might want to change, or get rid off etc

C4C, just post a link to your file and I'll return crit
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Didn't like bars 9 and 11, but other than that, the rest was really good/creative. The bass in the beginning was killer, too. Sounds kinda like power metal, but that could just be because of the title.


Here's a link to a bunch of riffs I wrote (trying to find out which is best so I can use it for a new song): Riffs
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awesome work, i love the intro, the rhythms arent too fancy but this sounds more vocal based to me so thats not a real issue, the first riff after the intro was too much right off the scale and it sounds really dull. but aside from those pretty little things it sounds great

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I liked that. That was pretty cool. The only thing I would change is the note that the bass is holding in measure 2, 4, and 6. It sounds a bit too dissonant with the guitar. I think it would be better if you just held the E instead of the Bb. That is a cool bass line, though. Other than that, not too bad. I liked measures 75-80 a lot. That was probably my favorite part. Nice work. 7/10.

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I actually liked it a lot, at some parts, im gonna agree with the comments on bars 9 and 11, it needs a lil spicing up, i really liked bars 27 to 35, which i assume are the pre-chorus and chorus, it had a good flow, i loved the choir backing it too, gave it awesome overall feel, and i like the tempo change there, well done! but the part before the final "chorus" with tall the tremolo picking was kinda awkward, im gonna say...

edit: while im typing this that chorus part is stuck in my head, good job at making it catchy
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I liked this alot man, some pretty sweet riffs in there and a generally interesting piece that I could find myself listening to over and over again. The tremolo picking solo sounds kinda funny, but I bet some of that is just shitty MIDI sound. Good work dude, 9/10. please crit my latest :
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That was good! The only thing I didn't like was the intro. Everything else was solid though man! Especially the chorus. Keep it up!

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overall i liked it but something gives me the feeling the intro was kinda mettalica and at 180 bpm it was based on a simple chord progression. but you mnust have been working hard on this and it looks well constructed and nice finish so 8/10
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That was really good. I just didn't like bars 1 - 12. Other than that good stuff.

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Okay, thanks for the crit everyone, I've been away from UG for a while, so I've not been able to return any of it, but I'll get to it as soon as possible

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