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I don't tend to completely finish a lot of songs, but I managed to complete this one. I don't think it's terrible, although I'm not real impressed with my compositional work on the solo. Just seems like I got too technical...

Some parts of the solo sound a bit off due to the midi as well.

I was originally planning on writing lyrics for it, but I'm not sure if I should keep it as an instrumental or not. Comments on this would be appreciated as well.

I shall Crit-4-Crit.
- FJ

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Wow, that was really good. It has a kind of weak intro and the initial verse but when the piano comes in it makes it really beautiful and just gives it more life. I really like it.
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The intro had those evil chords, which sound really cool. The piano during th ebridge was amazing, and the acoustic compliements that well. And Bang into the verse. Don't really like the verse. Just didn't give me the "wow" feeling. The breakdown is better, but still is lacking in that feeling. The chorus sounds great. Catchy, Utilizing guitar techniques (different chords, harmonics, etc.). The interlude just sounds awesome. The piano/acoustic after the second chorus wasnt as good as the piano piece before, but the evil guitar afterwards makes up for it. The solo intro is a bit fast, but sounds pretty good. Bar 75 is like psycho, and you get 20 bends after that. Another (awesome) shredding session. Starting to see a pattern. I especially liked bar 89 and its super fast tapping. Song fades out.

Overall, couple kinks, but it gets better the farther you get in the song. This would be very good as an instrumental (considering almost half the song is interludes/breakdowns/solos), but it could be like 2112 (A few vocals here and now). Your choice. I give it a 9/10. Just a couple things at the start that made me say ehh. Crit mine (in my sig)?
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Hey, thanks guys. I was thinking the same way about the verse actually. And yes, I shall crit yours.
- FJ

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If you find [balloons in his bedroom], it is a sign that Satan may have taken your child by the hand and skipped off together to see the movie, Up without your knowledge.

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Argh, I can't get your whole song... I mean it shows all the tracks and the tab and everything but it only plays the drums track so I think my winzip is ****ed up...but uh you got some pretty nice percussion going on there lol

Hahah okay I got it to work. I like it, it's real sinister and cool...I really like the chorus. ANd also the interlude really got it all built up, but maybe add some more crecendos (forgive my spelling)...good work man.
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Cheers for the crits on mine by the way.

Just as everyone else is saying, I didn't really like the intro at all, it stuck out in a bad way for me. When the piano came in, from then on I really liked it, though at times it seemed a bit slow and sluggish. And the bass in the drums annoyed me a bit, but that's a personal opinion.

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The intro was alright, liked the kind of evil feel to it... The piano part was alright. Liked the 7/8 time... Loved the verse man... Sounded like something off a game... The breakdown was awesome. Meh... the chorus was alright, but it just didn't have the same feel as the verse and breakdown, didn't really like the interlude either. The piano part was OK... as the well as all of the guitar parts after that. But when the solo came in it was pretty sweet. Wait... some parts of the solo don't really fit in.

Wow, I had like the exact opposite reaction of most people here.

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the intro was definitely very dissonant and evil sounding, I'm not quite sure if it fits with the feel of the song. The piano part got cool, but I feel like the guitar part needs to be changed up a bit and the entire section seems to short to be fully integrated with the song. Verse and breakdown are aight (gets good at measure 27 heh). Perfect transition to the chorus, the first chord is epic, though I don't like the next 3. Not much to say about the interlude. Solo is nice wankage, but I feel like it doesn't really fit with the song.


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intro: good not great, but it prepares the mood well, 7/10
bridge: very good, but i think u should work more on the harmony with the accoustic guitar, 9/10
verse: amazing, very catchy, 9/10
breakdown: ok, 7/10, it does the job
chorus: 9/10, i loved bar 33 and 34
interlude: nice riff, but i didnt found it necessary here 7/10
solo: great!! 9/10, i would give it 10 only if human can play it

overall great song
crit mine?