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edit 2: final version later post

Hey, Im new to the forums, and I've been updating some of my old powertabs, so i may be posting quite a bit, dont worry Crit 4 crit, so heres one of the first full songs i ever wrote. Anesthesia

edit:did small changes
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The intro was amazing, but I find it lost some of its feeling when the piano kicked in. It gets progressively better however. I just don't like the piano for some reason...

The interlude was really beautiful. And actually flowed really well afterwards. Nice solo. Different, but nice. Very beautiful outro.

Overall a nice song. Not my style, but it still intrigued me very much. Other than that one piano riff, the song was really awesome. 9.5/10

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that was great! ridiculously well thought out.

one thing though...i highly recommend changing that piano that comes in at the beginning to a steel acoustic guitar...i think it sounds MUCH better than the piano.


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I actually wrote that and the main piano part in the interlude on an acoustic, but switched it to piano cause that sounded better in the interlude, and since they were on the same track i just kinda let it go. I changed the original file so that it has an acoustic at that part.
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Very well written, you done this before?
really good to listen to but the Piano overpowers the rest. Change one of the piano parts (or both) to a soft guitar (steel acoustic perhaps). but this song is awesome, no doubt about it.

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The intro was ok, I love the acoustic during the verse. The interlude was amazing... The chord progression sounded like the in the outro of Mordecai by BTBAM.

Pretty good, but some of it got kind of boring for me. 8/10.
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I love the acoustic stuff, really well done. Although I wasn't too fond of the intro, I'm not really sure why, I just couldn't get into it.

Everything after that was good though, I was impressed. Sorry about the unresponsive crit. I'm really exhausted and I only just noticed you asked me to crit your piece.
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That was amazing.
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beautiful but i agree with the piano being a little too overpowering. i like the idea of a steel acoustic. i thought the transition from solo to reintro was perfect. Great Job man.
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Piano is fine its just too loud I think. Everything else is nice and flows together greatly.
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i like how huge it sounded with so many instruments, and the staccato on some while other things rang, it was really powerful. i dont think the piano was teh right thing to add when it came in, i think keys would fit the song much better and still probably give the same feel u wanted, the piano just doesnt feel right. great song, great riffs, cool new vibe. keep it up

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midi dude, dont have GP5.1
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chorus and post chorus was cool with the high melody sounded cool and the interlude with bass arpegios was class, and the solo was basic but fitted perfectly very good overall man, liked the verse riff but that chorus riff is the hook its cool as, ill probably be hummin it all the way home

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took me a while, but I said I would crit soo...I like the style and its none too generic. Bass was really cool, and I like some of the chord progressions. Not much I can say in a negative tone. I really like the piano parts and acoustic sections. The distortion flowed well over the acoustic, and the strings gave it a neat effect.

I'd give it an 8.5/10

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That was really good. I really enjoyed that. Just out of interest, was it in B Minor? That piano bit near the end sounds really good. I guess there's gonna be vocals to go along, right?
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Quote by TheShadow
That was really good. I really enjoyed that. Just out of interest, was it in B Minor? That piano bit near the end sounds really good. I guess there's gonna be vocals to go along, right?

It was mostly in C#minor, it had some variation though.

Yeah, I liked it, Some of the piano with the parallel 5ths in the bass sounded a bit cheesy though, no offence :P

The C Major chord at the end of the chorus was kinda cheesy too, IMO a Cdim7 chord sounds better, you know what that is right?

yeah, overall, i liked it, it was good, 7/10
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