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I was listening to Nevermore... and it inspired this riff... which turned into a bigger thing...

It's not done, but I just wanted to know what you guys thought so far.

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You're onto something there, I like it alot.
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Dude, That is awesome. Those are some of the most unique riffs I've heard in awhile, and I can't wait till you expand on it. 9/10 for now, just cuz it's unfinished... please crit mine http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=485226
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The beginning was good, but the riff at around 0:43 and mini solos were great. An acoustic intro would sound really good with this song, too (kinda like Nevermore-y, play an accoustic intro that stops abruptly and goes into the riff you have now). 8.5/10 so far, tho.

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