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Any eels fans on the UG boards? I've liked them since I was a pre-teen when I first heard "Novocaine For the Soul", which I guess was a minor "alternative" hit back when people still used that word to describe music.

In the years since E has put out a slew of varied and wonderful records. Recently they put out a DVD (and accompanying CD) capturing a performance in New York called Eels with Strings: Live at Town Hall and I've been digging Shootenanny! lately as well.

There's some decent eels tabs up on UG already but I'd love it if someone could tell me the chords in "Numbered Days" off Shootenanny!. I'll try and figure it out tonight when I get home from work but I figured I'd ask on here to see if anybody already knows. Terrific song.
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Please do a search, Eels threads are always coming up in this forum.
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