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.....'cause the blues and jazz forum was maybe the wrong forum for your attempt.....

for anyone interested in rock in the late 60s and early 70s - if you havent heard Ollie Halsall you have missed out on hearing THE most outstanding guitarist on the scene at that time so check him out here....... ....there's a lot to listen to on that site, try "San Antone" and "Money Bag" for starters........

Ollie was so far ahead of anyone else operating in the same scene that it's a bad joke that he never achieved the success his talent merited.
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These Timebox characters sound like my kinda music, I'm going to check them out. As well as try to find that so-called lost classic "Moose on the Loose."

Edit: I just realized that their song "Gone Is The Sad Man" is on my Rubble collection on vol. 12. Good song.
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Yeah far more people need to check him out. He's so underated it's not even funny. Everyone's so quick to talk about guys like Clapton and Hendrix yet nobody talks about the real gems of the 60s. Halsall can rip it up better than any modern day shredder. Fuck your Steve Vai's and your Yngwie Malmsteens, Ollie is one of the shit hottest players ever.
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He looks like Doc Brown from Back to the Future...does he have a white afro in that pic?

Oh yah, sweet band, nice find man.
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