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I wrote this one out a little while ago, one of my prof's songs (so I didn't compose it, I just wrote it out). This isn't the whole song, just the first and last sections, however the rest is just different leads that you guys can come up with yourselves. I'm just trying to get this one out there because I think it's a really cool little piece to play between two people (includes to Flamenco guitars and one electric at the end). Let me know what you guys think.
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very good, i liked the rythems and notes and all, only thing i was mess with are the slow bends, those just sound god awful when done slow cause you hear every cent sharp or flat you bend it until you get to the correct pitch, other then that good work
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Yeah I know exactly what you mean. I had just spent so much time up to that point listening to the song trying to pick out the notes that figuring out how to write it on power tab at 3am just wasn't happening (I hadn't really used power tab before). I'll switch up those parts when I get time.
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nicely done. this is a very calming, relaxing piece.

one thing i would change is the last chord to a Gsus4? maybe?

also i think in the electric part there should be some kind of a scale played in triplets. that might sound really nice.

overall, great 8.9/10.

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