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Hmm.. my first composition.
Just a starting sketch, not even close to finished.
I'm open for ideas.
Oh, I wont be doing the guitar or drum tracks... I think it's too hard to transcribe rhythym...

Oh, and, I'd like to see if anyone can guess who my biggest musical inspiration is ^^
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It needs some work. The ensamble notes felt badly connected but I dunno if there's any way to fix that in guitar pro. Plus it felt very repeative at times. Other than that, it was pretty good though
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Hmmm it was very eerie. Needs a little more variety, but so far the rhythm sounds great. It really made me just think about things, gives kind of a mysterious atmosphere. nice job.
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reminds me of final fantasy it wasnt bad at all.

It got really repetitive and boring though.
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Quote by ouchies
reminds me of final fantasy

Aha! ^^
Yeh, Nobuo is defenetely my biggest inspiration.
As for the chords sounding wrong, it's my fault, not GP's.
I was too busy coming up with some moody sounding chord shapes to really write a decent progression =P
The key is also floating... it seems to change with every chord.
I have no idea how to connect these properly.
I have to study it some more.