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Can everyone tell me some great instrumentals whether its metal, progressive etc. i searched instrumentals and didnt really find much so can you request some good instrumentals.
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and project streigar -though i'm not sure of the spelling
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The Call of Ktulu , Orion or To Live Is To Die by Metallica.
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Black Star - Yngwie J Malmsteen
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Speed Metal Symphony (Cacophony), Concerto (Cacophony), Technical Difficulties (Racer X), For the Love of God (Steve Vai), Starry Night (Satriani), Tender Surrender (Steve Vai), Whose Autumn (JerryC), Black Star (Yngwie), Overture 1622 (Yngwie), Icarus' Dream Suite Opus 9 (Yngwie), Blitzkrieg (Yngwie), Far Beyond the Sun (Yngwie), Brothers (Yngwie), Brother (Pearl Jam - although not metal, it's sort of Prog and has a pretty fast solo), Dragon's Mistress (Marty Friedman).

I'll think of some real good ones later.
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Absolution - Megadeth
Bittersuite - Motley Crue
I'm Addicted - L.A. Guns
Amenecer - L.A. Guns
Cry No More - L.A. Guns
Tarantula - L.A. Guns
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Cynic- Textures, Death- Voice of the Soul, Opeth has some instrumentals, my fave is Ending Credits, Agalloch has instrumentals too, not sure if thats the style your looking for though
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Cynic- Textures, Death- Voice of the Soul, Opeth has some instrumentals, my fave is Ending Credits, Agalloch has instrumentals too, not sure if thats the style your looking for though

Im looking for anything i know alot of them but im trying to find more but thanks man
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Satriani -Ten Words, If I Could Fly, The Souls of Distortion, War, Friends, Cryin', Surfing With The Alien, Mind Storm, Starry Night,
Steve Vai - Die to Live, For the Love of God, Tender Surrender
Eric Johnson - Cliffs of Dover, Trademark, Manhattan
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glasgow kiss - john petrucci
acid rain - liquid tension experiment
stream of consciousness - dream theater

(lol can you tell im a petrucci fan? lol)
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Temptation Revelation-- Savatage
YYZ-- Rush
Dance of Eternity-- Dream Theater
Anything by Liquid Tension Expiriment, especially Acid Rain or When the Water Breaks
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Tranyslvania - Iron Maiden
Ghengis Khan - Iron Maiden
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Any instrumental by Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Jeff Beck, Jason Becker, Steve Morse....

Trilogy Suite Op. 5 - Yngwie
Surfing With The Alien - Satriani
Bad Horsie - Vai
Guitar Shop - Beck
Air - Becker
Highland Wedding - Morse

Plus those songs already mentioned i.e. Metallica etc are pretty cool !
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to double the guy above me;

Anything by Liquid tension, Dixie Dregs, Al Dimeola*, John Mclaughlin*

* fusion guitar players with some work that really goes beyond your imagination, but you need to learn how to hear em. Don't know how to say that.

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