We all know KS as the guitarist from well known death metal band Nile, but what does everyone happen to think of his solo stuff? I broke out SM the other day, and man it's been a while since I've listened to it. Great Egyptian folk/ambient acoustic tracks. Great for meditation, as the name implies.
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His stuff is awesome.
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The stuff he has on his Myspace is awesome, I've been meaning to get it since I heard of it.
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Love it, haven't listened to it in a while though.
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Awesome stuff. It's like Nile without the death metal, great stuff. So far I've only been able to download it (you try getting it in Mexico), but it's great ambient stuff. And I can listen to ambient pretty easily. I have to get the CD... somehow.
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I was amazed that he was such a good singer

Nice album, really relaxing

He sings in the album? I thought it was some other random guy who sang. Wow, never thought he could do that kind of stuff.

EDIT: According to wikipedia, it was Mike Brezeale who sang in the album, not Sanders.
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