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no you aren't.
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i have heard aqualong and i think it is awsome. and ian anderson are cool
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Aqualung? Jethrotull's great!
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OK', Am I the only one here who likes Jethro Tull?

No my dear, you're not the only one..I love them. "Thick as a brick" is a great concept album
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Thick as a Brick rules, as does Catfish rising and Stand Up.

Saw a funny interview on youtube the other day where Ian Anderson explains how while he may not be a great guitarist, Jimi Hendrix was a terrible flute player. :P:

Ive also got footage of them live at the Hippodrome, where TAAB is introduced as "the famous Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Brick".
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jeez...all I've been doing in the past like, 20 minutes is closing threads

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