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One of my favorite bands of all time is Mountain. I love them. THEY'RE SO AWSOME!!

But it seems like no ones heard of Mountain. And I find it odd. It seems they dont get any recoginition.

So who else loves this amazing band? Or am i the only one??
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Me either, but it's Slint. They've pretty much influenced every post-rock/math rock outfit since Tweez in 1989.
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The most underrated band... If you ask me, it's got to be that one band. From the late 60's/early 70's I think. They were from England and sounded very American and they had this wicked cool sound that no one else had. It was like all bass driven and had this really heavy guitar. They had that one really catchy song back then they were famous for it, and they toured with Zeppelin I think, as an opener. And there were four of them I think... What was their name....

Ah crap, can't remember.
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I never see anybody hear talking about the Guess Who, i think they are great.

And nope, ive enver heard of the mountain.
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You guys that say you've never heard of them have at least heard the song mississippi queen right?? It's not Mountains best, but its what they're most known for.
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Um Pink Floyd end of disccusion lol especially Syd Barrett Floyd period.
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lmao pink floyd under rated
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Quote by FreddieMercury
lmao pink floyd under rated

Their best album was the wall and piper at the gates of dawn dark side was over rated i said mostly barret floyd not waters dark side floyd if u read my post.
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Mountain alright, not a big fan but from what I have heard there pretty good. One of the most underratted bands I think would be Thin Lizzy
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im listening to mountain right now!!....anyone ever hear the song mississippi Queen??...Ozzy didn't write that