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It's like New Order, but....for today.

myspace them.

Their new album is really great, really epic, and gentle. I completely recommend them.

Also, check out Psapp too.
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Quote by myothername2
Wong forumn...


They're alternative. He posted them in the alternative section. Coincidence? I think not. So, um, if you please, go away.

[if this truly is the wrong forum then I humbly apoligize for the previous statement]


I'm loving what I'm hearing at the moment. The Owl was pretty damn good. Instrumental, but good. Sounds rather like a more gothic postal service, in a good way.
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ILYBICD are alright. Had the self-titled on vinyl for a long time and it wasn't something that I've ever really got stuck into.

Psapp however were great (purposefully putting in past tense). I don't know what was up with the most recent album, but compared to 'Tiger, my friend' and the early EP stuff it was really, really bad.
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I'll need to check out their earlier stuff, I liked their recent though, I guess I'll have to post-pone judgement until I get their old one.
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I really like the video for "The Owl" but the music never struck me as spectacular.
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i've got their self titled ep which is pretty good. i really like the song "we're still the weaker sex". i recently got fear is on our side but haven't had a chance to give it a thorough listen.

i think they are nice but i prefer chin up chin up

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