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there got a .zip for it...should be easier.

about the song...
what I have so far is kind of repetitive, but I use to keep building parts until I have this massive wall of sound. In that respect, it's kind of like Pelican or Isis. The riffs are pretty straighforward, and the drum beat is sort of weird because instead of being on 2 and 4, the snare is on the 3 to emphasize the sort of galloping main riff.
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Those dotted eights and sixteenths... Personally, I think you should make it a triplet feel. That is, make the dotted eighth a quarter note, and the sixteenth an eighth note, and group both together as a triplet. It would give more duration to the sixteenth in my opinion.

There's a way to do it in Guitar Pro; should be below the save button or some such, it looks like an eighth paired with a sixteenth with a triplet above it, near the key signature button. Choose swing eighths, then simply change those parts before to both normal eighth notes. It'll give that swing feeling, without having to individually put in the triplets. Give it a shot, and see what it sounds like to you.