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nah he was totally nice to me when i met him last year. gave me a pick and autographed my shirt.
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he punched my mom in the vagina.
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Quote by civildp1
he punched my mom in the vagina.


You should make a shirt that says "YNGWIE MALMSTEEM PUNCHED MY MOM IN THE VAGINA"
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Actually a really nice guy... Gave me a pick, and signed one of my Strat's backplates for me...

Cool guy.
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nah i met yngwie last year and hes a really nice guy. he gave me a pick and talked to me and some friends for a few mins after the show.
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He is extremely nice, and when I asked him, he said he was only considered an "asshole" when he was young, because he was aggressive when speaking with labels and producers and such, to get big and famous. He is really humble though, and pretty funny. Good guy in general. definately not what people say about him.