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Why isn't there any Led-Zeppelin on Guitar Hero the game? I dont have it but my music teacher at school has it and in our free time we tend to pick up the small guitars and play. It's a very addicting game suprisingly but i wanna know why they dont have classic Zeppelin tracks like, Stairway To Heaven, Heartbreaker, or Whole Lotta Love i mean c'mon those are classics!
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because led zeppelin are protective of their music. they probably didnt give the game premission to put their song on it.

like in school of rock. it took a stadium of people just to get the immigrant song in their for 30 seconds or so...
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Yeah, Jimmy Page is a tightwad Asian. Doesn't make him any less cool though.
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My guess is that they won't allow them too. Jimmy Page won't let Weird Al Yankovic make versions of their songs.
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fair enough i recon. i wouldnt allow my songs to be put onto a computer game, or be redone by weird al