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There's this wicked awesome riff of a song thatI don't know. I learned the riff though, so maybe you can play and tell me. It kinda sounds like "All Right Now" by Free without the pentatonic. Here it is, hope you can help me!!!! (Copy Ot To Notepad To Read)

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Back in Black, methinks?

Ehh, maybe not, but the lick at the end is a bit similar.
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^ 'Back in black' was the first thing that came to my head when I saw the layout of the tab as well. Very off though...
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well you can't expect me to make a 5 starer on a song I don't have. Beisdes, if it were that off, you wouldn't have reckognized it. But hey, thanks you guys, ya'll really help me out and I appreciate it
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Guitar players? Are you kidding no one here actually plays guitar they just want people on the internet to think they do to think they're cool.

Looks like Back in Black