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Ah, feels good to be back... I had a while to work on this one, and I don't really feel I need to make any changes to it. It's basically a metal song with some technical and progressive parts. Influenced mostly by Opeth. The powertab version is kind of screwy, and I didn't want to edit it. The midi is a lot better.

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Two thumbs up from me. I really like it. I can actually envision what this would sound like with a real band playing it (ie. Opeth, etc), and not many guitar pro tabs have done that for me.
Good stuff.
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This is amazing! The sawtooth thing in bar 55 or whatever is simple great! The bass was really well done too, as well as everything else. The only thing that I found that needs to be fixed maybe was the semi-harmonics on bar 49. It made it pretty damn ugly in my opinion. Other than that, 10/10 man! Great job!

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flyingjew34: Thanks, and yeah, it probably would have sounded better if I didn't do those 1/4 bends. It was basically to add the feeling of pinch harmonics, cause Guitar Pro kind of sucks at that.
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this was really good, the chords tho starting in bar 47 on were just a disaster tho. it sounded liek random dissonace and the good kind. the idea is great but those paticular chords i really dont like. all the rest is stellar

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Hey dude,

Nice to see you on here again with another awesome song.

I love the 'creepy' feel at the start, and the full into is awesome, like some sort of action/horror movie song they play as the 'hero' enters the scene

As always, your drum tracks are a lot better than most around here, and the guitar melodies are impeccable. Interesting part during the ritando.

Some of the pitch harmonics sound off, but i thinmk thats just GP5, cause they sounded great when I pulled my guitar out to play it.

10/10 mate, great song.

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