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Hey, i keep on hearing about this Sufjan Stevens guy, so i thought i'd want to get in to him a bit. What album should i get into from him if im into lots of classic rock, blues, and some modern stuff like Radiohead. I know, probably not what Sufjan sounds like, but i'm willing to make a buy based on the rave reviews im hearing.
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not really an answer to your question but Sufjan Stevens is one of the most amazing artists alive... my favorite song is casimir pulaski day but i would suggjest all of his albums.
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You should check out his album Michigan (aka Greetings from Michigan: The Great Lake State). It's amazing.
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just get anything hes ever done. its all worth it. seriously. the anthology is the way to go
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'Seven Swans' is his best. Only ones to be cautious of are 'Year of the rabbit' and 'Illinois'. 'Year of the rabbit' is just very different to everything else he's done, although elements of it do show in other records, and by the point of 'Illinois' he really started to do too much of the same thing over and over (although it would probably be quite a good album if you're just getting into him).
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I enjoyed 'Year of the Rabbit' quite a bit, it doesnt sound like him but it's still very chill and very soothing (in a mildly weird way) which I enjoyed. But yeah, agreed that Seven Swans is his best.