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I have written two new songs on GP5, and I like them, but they're not all that good, just wanted to get some opinions, see if I should tamper with them or just bin them.

(N.B. My friend insisted on calling one of them Visions of the Past)

THE NEW "VISIONS OF THE PAST" IS UP. It's still quite short, but there's an added mini-solo at the end, and I bummed off the drum solo.

EDIT: I suck at drums
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Visions of the Past:
Well, it was pretty good. Unfortunately short, and that drum solo kind of ruined things. But everything else was well done. I liked the fell of the whole thing. But like I said, kind of short... 8/10

For the Fallen:
Pretty good as well. The beginning was a little repetitive in my opinion. That could maybe be spiced up a bit. The solo was pretty well done as well. If you added drums, it would be that much better. 7.5/10

Keep it up man!

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Visions Of The Past - The drums fitted until that horrible solo. As a drummer, I think you deserve to die. As a supportive member of this forum, I'll let you off

Too short, but I liked the shred solo thing.

For The Fallen - I liked it, reminded me of A7X. Bars 17-24 and 29-36 bored me. I liked the sped up thing, but the ending was repeated too much.

Still too short, but a good work in progress.

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For the fallen:

WAY too repetitive. That thing when you go higher up on the frets is kinda annoying for some reason. The solo was ok, but the backing wasnt good. You have to give the backing some chord variety or else itll sound very bland. Ending was too repeptive as well.

Add some more variety to the whole song and itll be pretty good.
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