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tell me what your favourite bands and songs are because i like to know if ill be able to play them or not if it oasis i have to play it but guns n roses solos to hard way to hard
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2 play on guitar? well my favorite bands r Metallica, Godsmack, and SOAD. But my favorite songs 2 play r:

Cowboys From Hell by Pantera
Master Of Puppets by Metallica
Ride The Lightning by Metallica
One by Metallica
I Stand Alone by Godsmack
Awake by Godsmack
Needles by SOAD
Chop Suey by SOAD
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my favorite song to play is selkies the endless obsession by between the buried and me. that intro makes me want to do naughty things with my body.
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LOL this is funny. alright how about these
Dream Theater Hollow Years Live.
Pantera Cemetary Gates
Allman Brothers Band You Dont Love Me Live
Jimi Hendrix Little Wing
Megadeth Hangar 18
Marshall tucker 24 hours at a time Live
Ozzy Osbourne Mr. Crowley
Testament Over The Wall
Rush YYZ

Have fun. And learn to spell Dumb ****
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My favourite band to play on guitar is Metallica
Favorite songs to play by them are: (not in order)
Master of Puppets
Outro of The Outlaw Torn
The Unforgiven II
The Four Horsemen (don't start any arguments on who's song it really is)
Nothing Else Matters
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yeah. this is definitley the wrong section. someone needs to lock this.
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This is just stuipid
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I'm homeschooled because I got tired of the corporate conformist administration.

So I have a pretty crime free school, unless i decide to kill someone.

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Posts like these make people like me want to kill people like you.
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Well this calls for a beer, Uncle-Dad Cletus!

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HAAAAA! Jokes on you! I high fived you with the hand i fapped with!