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Camel is an awesome prog band, anyone else like them? So far I only have Moonmadness, its totally enjoyable.
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mmm...good band. Akerfeldt once cited them as an influence. Which is how I discovered them, but either way, good band.
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one of my favourite sypmphonic progressive rock bands. why aren't more bands like Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Yes, Hatfield and the North and Gong talked about in the this forum ? hell why is hardly any prog dicussed in this forum?
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it isn't really a popular genre... too bad! Camel is really great, I'm a big king crimson & van der graaf generator fan myself.

It's the kind of music you really should be in the mood for.
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why is there no love for this excellent band?
i have their self-titled debut and its amazing
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I love Camel, really quality stuff

Andrew Latimes is such a great guitarist
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I have Mirage and it's a great album. I have trouble finding anything of theirs in record stores.
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I bought Moonmadness on a whim, and it was the best whim I've ever acted on. Arjen Lucassen called it one of his ten "desert island albums."
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I just heard this track today:

And at the start I thought it was pretty average. But as it goes on it just gets better and better until the big build for the end guitar solo and WOW! I was absolutely blown away at how much emotion that man can stick in to his guitar playing. Really, my jaw hit the floor and I still haven't managed to find it.
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Wow, finally a Camel thread. It would appear that there ARE others out there in the world who have actually heard of them. faves have to be the snow goose and never let go
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I have two album, The Snow Goose, and breathless.

Snow goose is amazing, but breathless is a bit less enjoyable.
it is more a air-friendly album than the snow goose
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Such an amazing band! I love Moonmadness, Camel, Mirage, and Snow Goose. There is SO MUCH emotion in this music. The song "Air Born" is one of the saddest ever.
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I've only heard breathless and I honestly was not a fan of it at all.
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Haha, Camel are the ****. I have not long been a prog rock inductee, but now that I am I have nearly nothing I don't like.
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I have only heard Lady Fantasy and i loved it. Is it all like that?
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This band blows me away. Mirage has to be one of the greatest albums recorded in it's genre.
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Quote by Butt Rayge
I have only heard Lady Fantasy and i loved it. Is it all like that?

Well from what I have heard Lady Fantasy incorporates most of the aspects of this band. But no not all the songs are the same, BUT, all of the songs have the unique Camel feel.
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An absolutely fantastic band, and defintely not enough talk about them. THe first 4 albums are some the best prog rock ever, and the 'newest' (A Nod And A Wink and Rajaz) couple of albums are great too. Too bad they went into a bit of a slump late-70's and 80's, but there definitely back on form, well they would be if Andrew didn't have that problem with his blood. Get well Andy! Oh and RIP Pete Bardens, probably my favourite keyboard player in prog.
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I only heard The Snow Goose. It's really good.
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Quote by Butt Rayge
I have only heard Lady Fantasy and i loved it. Is it all like that?

That's all i know of them too, ive heard more but not enough to remember it. Lady Fantasy is the song that i would have to give credit to for getting me into prog. Thank you Camel.
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these guys rock, they have some amazing instrumentals
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I totally love them, especially their first album, it's got such a nice atmosphere without being as dense as other prog rock bands of that time...
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i love these guys, have their first 4 albums on cd.

i'd have to say that Mirage is my favourite, a bit more proggy than their self titled, but still accessible to people who aren't big into the genre
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I randomly discovered Camel and I've been really digging the Mirage album. Any suggestions on which one I should tackle next?