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I decided to try writing music recently, so I wrote a short little song here, only about a minute and 10 or so. Just some ideas I had that I put down, not really trying to sound like anything or fit into any genre. Criticism bad or good is welcome.

I only have guitar parts written.

I put it in a zip now, after realizing how stupid I was.

Anyway, take a listen, not the best, but hopefully a start.
I also just downloaded GP5 but I already had this written sooo..
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first off...dont user power tab. there couldnt be a shittier program on earth, even if we tried...i mean, f u c k, even notepad beats powertab. anyway...couldnt hear the song, but if it's ur first im guessing it sucks donkey balls, i know mine did. just keep writting.
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alright.. hosted the file somewhere else, hope it works now.

and I know it's not exactly the best song ever created, but it's my first and I'd like some criticism on it if possible. thank you.
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neither of the links worked..

why not just zip the damn thing?
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Well? What do you expect.. It's your first song. Don't worry.. Mine and just about every other guitarists, including EVH or Slash's first riffs all sucked. Point is, learn from your mistakes and improve each time you write another riff.