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Hey, see, I used to play in Drop-C tuning, always. Then, I suddenly switched to standard. It seemed I was doing fine, but today I just decided hey!, i'm gonna do Drop-C. And I did... after i listened to some As I Lay Dying song...

Its sort of... Melodic Metalcore? I guess, I dunno, you tell me.

EDIT: New Version at last post!
riff idea 66.zip
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it would be awesome for double dragon lol. no seriously i think its good but id have to hear it played with a real guitar tone
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Pretty damn cool man, nice job. I'd love to hear someone play that on a real guitar though.
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Thanks all of you.... in my mean time, I added a bit to it... and just wanted to know what you guys thought, again.
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Not bad, I'm working on a drum track for it, if you like.

Harmony is good, but it sounds overdone in places.

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I like it a lot.

Except for one thing -- In Fill 1, your little bend thing...that doesn't sound to good, personally. It either seems out of place, or maybe add another bend on the other guitar's part?

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