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So, today was the day I found out im related to he older bassist of Helix. Mike Uzelac. Born in Canada, he joined the band in 1979 and quit the band in the 1980's. for the past some-odd years he has abandoned our family and no one has heard from him since. Mike Uzelac is my second cousin im proud to say im born a rocker and always will be a rocker. I was named after David Lee Roth (my name is David Lee Bell) and i have relations to Helix.. i say "GIMME AN R! O! C! K!"
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Who is Helix?

They're a canadina rock band that never quite made it, but they had a hit song or two in the eighties. Saw them open for Alice Cooper,nothing too special but they were pretty good.
is classic rock.
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Haha I remember when Helix was just starting out. I used to see them in bars in the Ontario area. Tell your cuz I said hi.

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