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i like that i think it sounds good put it in mp3
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Ooh. It does sound epic. Lol.

Drums seem kind of...like they're missing something? I'm not sure. So you can leave it just the way it is, still sounds really good. Great job.

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i love it, though i agree that the drums do seem to be missing something, dunno what though. Does seem to be repetitive (even though it isn't) just the same feel in all the riffs? you know? good song overall though love the harmonized solo
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I dont think the drums are missing anything. It's a well written metalcore song tho I think it's time to step away from the kind of riff you use as verse riff.
I mean, it's been a while now since metalcore took those riffs and raped them and raped them untill there was no joy in listening to them anymore.

So for me the best parts a clearly the intro (my favorite), the interlude and the solos.
The harmonizing sounds great, the keyboards are very quiet and I can barley hear them in some riffs(although they are there )
But for the most part it's all good stuff!

It's a chatchy and well written song. Keep up the good work but man! Do we really need to use those riffs anymore?

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Haha oh I know they are well overused, I just got lazy :P lol. It was easy to come up with and it fit well, and it th song was made up from the intro and outro, the middle part I just shoved in there to make it a song. Thanks for the crit
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Awesome song.
Nothing wrong.
Loved it all.
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Dude that is pretty damn awsome! I loved the keyboards and the solos were spot on!

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The acoustic intro is lovely, the way the drums come in is nice

The keyboards are cool, nice buildup

The faster bit comes in very nicely, sounds good

The chorus is catchy as hell, bloody brilliant

I don't think the way you went into the interlude fitted particularly well, I think the whole interlude changed the way the song felt and it didn't really work very well

The harmonised and keyboard solos were cool, didn't like the first one so much

I don't think the ending to the song is good for the first half of it, as two seperate pieces they are great though
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The acoustic intro is pretty awesome... The whole little intro part is amazing, very epic. The pre-verse and verse are good, I don't really like the use of c# though... The prechorus was a little bit too metalcore for me, the chorus was amazing though. The bridge is pretty sweet... The post-chorus is also pretty good. The whole interlude was EPIC, but it was kind of a weird transition from the post-chorus. Solos were amazing, and the outro was also quite epic...