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Heres a song ive been working on for a couple of days. Its pretty much finished. Not much more to say lol, except enjoy
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Loved the intro, it was great, espicially with the sound effects.

Re-intro was even better, loved the lead part.

The chorus was awesome, my favourite part of the song - until I heard the interlude

For ****s sake mate, how can I critique a song where there's nothing wrong?

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I like this song a lot. The only advice I could give you is... have the gunshots and helicopter part a little longer, then have a pause, then have the birds tweeting, and make the song start as aggressive as it gets I didn't like the part where it kinda slows down, but otherwise, it's great.
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I really like this.
The gunshots and helicopter in the beginning remind me of Metallica's One
Honestly, i find no flaws in this song.
Good work!
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Great bassline, and great beat.

Great guitar parts. Except theres something about drop d that I dont like....
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Very nice. I don't see anything wrong with it. I love the fast riffs with open notes. Those are all my favorite.

And the sound effects? Beautiful.

I wonder if you could put words to this?

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Ok, so its gotta lotta great stuff for a metal song, acoustic intro -check, heavy distorted guitar cutting in -check, even has the helicopter noises and birds. Also, has a very composed, shreddy solo. The tempo change could be better, I'm more a fan of double time, it feels very natural, but 120 to 180 is 1 and a half times, like going from standard notes to everything in triplets. Kinda weird, but not horrible, plus if you bumped it up to 240 (double time) youve have to change the solo lest it be ridiculously fast.
The only real problem I have with the song, is it doesn't seem to have a good outro. I'm a fan of driving outros with the snare on every beat for about 8 or 16 measures beating out a last riff a few times and then ending, I think if you tacked one on it would be good. And I don't even like metal, ha.

EDIT: I went back and changed the solo to section to double time and I think it's better, you should give it a try, listen to the transitions, they're much more fluid, since the drums dont even change initially because you go from 8ths to quarters but double the tempo. It's a cool effect.
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Haha, nice try with the sound effects.

I like the leads and the harmonies. And the breakdown's great.

Usually these kinds of songs have faster bass lines than you had in places, but that's probably me just being picky. Then again, surely that's the idea of criticising. And the ending is way too abrupt. Try writing another riff or putting a good variation on one of your other riffs and using that.

I give that a 3/π .

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Only thing I can say is that the D# chord sounds kinda dissonant...maybe try an F?
Although I spose you wouldda tryed them all...
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Great song. I loved every part of it. The intro with the creepy acoustic guitar and with the sound effects were very sweet. Every riff was also kick ass too. The solo, though a bit short, was great. This song reminded me of Trivium's "Like Light To Flies", at many parts. Overall, great song, can't wait to hear some more. | Rush Hour | Dead Format
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