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I made a thread about this band in this exact forum, not more than 2 weeks ago. However, for some unknown reason, it was taken down - it just sort of disappeared without any apparent spam (after I PMed a mod to remove one comment). I've searched for it everywhere as I thought it may have been moved into the, "Other" forum. It's not there, so I concluded a mod must have accidently deleted the thread while removing the comment I asked him/her to.

Anyway, to the point. I love this band a lot. I was a bit of a later comer in that I got the self titled album about a year after the release of the hit single, "Kiss Me". I liked Kiss Me. It was a real mellow tune with obvious pop elements. Nonetheless (no pun intended), I purchased the self titled album and amazed to find they are a Christian band and their sound is a collective mix of Alternative/Indie. I also found it strange that the band hails from Texas, US, seeing as I thought they were British.
I was really impressed with the self titled album that I purchased two more of their earlier albums, The Early Years and Divine Discontent. Wow. I Divine Discontent the most. I would recommend the album to anyway. It's a solid album, all the tracks are amazing and I have never skipped a track.

I had that craze a loooong time ago (since the "Kiss me", single). I lost interest in them a couple of months after due to other interests. Now, I decided to re-listen to all of my old records - Sixpence None the Richer was one of them - and now, I'm finally back at that craze I had been in such long time ago.

Wow! - again. Why did I ever stop listening to them.

My favourites and recommended:
- A Million Parachutes
- Eyes Wide Open
- I've been Waiting
- Melody of You
- Don't Dream it's Over (Crowd... cover)
- There She Goes (La's cover)
- Waiting on the Sun
- I Can't Catch You
- Anything

I've uploaded a couple for you guys to listen to and get you guys interested into buying their albums. Please be patient while I upload them.

To me, they remind me of Kings of Convenience.
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