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Carress of Steel was Rush's second album for those who don't know.
According to what I've looked at it almost put them out of business because of how low the sales were.
Personally I'd say this is in my top 3 Rush albums, (out of what, 50?) and all my friends love it too.
So if anyone knew why people didn't like it, I was just curious.
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thsi is best put in the rush thread man
people will actually give you a half decent response that way
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I dunno i guess No one really knew a lot about rush back then. I havent listened to it as much as some other records, so i cant really remember.

My favourite is 2112. I have almost every Rush vinyl recorrd, Farewell to Kings 8 track, and a few greatest hits. Rush is awesome.
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Please delete this thread, and ask the same question in the Rush thread.