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I know it's not Metal/Hardcore/Whatever all the other riffs on here are, but give it a try. You might like it.

It's an acoustic song i'm working on, not done -- not even finished with the chorus. I'd love a little help in which direction to go, possibly? I'm not really liking the part of the chorus that i have that much.

If you want to play this on your guitar, i'd suggest leaving out a pick for atleast the first few measures...

** EDIT: New chorus (that i STILL don't like), it's unfinished again...the whole song's unfinished. + Added Midi (Acoustic1.zip)
Acoustic - Song 1.zip
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All was ok, except bar 7, which sounds off.

Not much to crit, it's a good acoustic song, needs more length, maybe a solo....

Not too shabby though.

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It was pretty good, but bars 9 and 10 got a little too busy... In my opinion anyway. I didn't really like the chorus, I think it would kind of be a bad idea to play full chords like that... Though I did like the change of scale/key or whatever just before the chorus.
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Please post in Midi so I can have a listen too
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heh, this is a really nice tune. I am still playing it on repeat after 1/2 an hour and I'm not tired of it. The last few seconds sounds like AC/DC for some reason.
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Really catchy and flowing.
That's dead-note click just clinches the rhythm, I love it!
All I can say is you're going in a great direction towards the end, it sounds perfect!
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Hmm. I like the theme you're getting at, but I think the muting is a bit awkward... Having it in not quite every bar, you know? Just seemed awkward to me.
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I think you should re-do the muting. It cold sound good, but the way it sounds on this recording, it seems weird and electronic. Also maybe like guy in front of me said, maybe don't do it every bar? I think it could have a great effect if it was done right. I like the riff a lot. Do you have any lyrics for it?
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Thank you

No lyrics yet, i'm not even done with the song -- it's basically just a riff.

The muting sounds weird...i'm guessing you're listening to the MIDI? It sounds good with GP5, when using RSE.

Anyways, thanks for your critiques, everyone...i'm gonna keep working on this and see how it goes.
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sounds good kinda short. made me think jack johnson(i think thats his name) OR john mayer. Its good, i love me my john mayer. im sure your plannin on it but just add a little more.
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Oh, there'll definately be more. Just gotta add onto it. Thanks for the crits! I'll be sure to crit back ASAP.
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I like it... It kinda sounds like ( You probly dont like em but i still do) a Hootie and the blowfish kinda riff.... it does.. meaning its really catchy and not too flashy but not somthing you would easy learn right off the bat..i like it over all...

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