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okay this is the one thing bothering me more than any other on guitar i can sweep on 3 string arpregios okay but other than that i can do them worth anything i dont think im doing them right i know im not supposed to pick the note but just drag the pick across the string (which im doing) and lift my finger as hit that note but the notes are bleeding together should i palm mute the strings after i hit them or what any help would greatly welcomed -patrick also any advice on how to play them at fast speed like in yngwie style licks like far beyond the sun ..etc
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There are tons of threads already made on this same subject dude. Yes, palm muting works, and make sure you roll your finger so the weight comes off the fretted note after you hit it. Also, periods are your friends.
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What I do is use the palm of my picking hand to mute the strings I've already played on the downstroke and my left hand for the upstroke. Sounds to me like you're playing it much too fast, so slow it down to maybe quarter notes at 40 bpm untill it is pristine clear, no ringing and no stocatto notes. To get as fast as Yngwie, just practice and practice and practice... but remember, perfect practice makes perfect, not sloppy practice.
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