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This is my first song nearing completion, though there's a few parts I'd like to change, such as the drums, just don't know how yet :P I have no lyrics either, just a simple melody. I'm working on it though, not so good with writing those yet :P Would be glad if I got some crits.
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The intro, not too keen on that. The part with the acoustic in is really nice The leads sound really great too, really fit in with the whole song.
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kinda metallica/slayer touch about it xD

maybe if it was sped up but its not bad 7/10 for your first song
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That's quite a good track. I would only change the bass a little bit and the transition from acoustic to distortion. Rock on.
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Den är bra! Den delen jag tycker minst om ar takt 1-20. Resten är kanon! Basen och den akustiska gitarren gör det hela väldigt intressant ända fram till solot som är simpelt men ändå väldigt bra!
Fortsätt i samma stil!

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