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Anyone dig Elton John? I know he's homosexual, but in his early days he wrote some great tunes. Songs like Tiny Dancer, Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters, Rocket Man, Burn Down the Mission, etc.
It kinda makes me sad how some of his best songs are looked down on because he's gay.
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hell yeah! i think he's fantastic. i wish i was as awesomely talented as him
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i agree, elton john is actually a really good artist wether or not hes gay. i mean, what kinda of music lover doesnt like "tahts why they call it the blues". he doesnt care that hes gay, we shouldnt either, hes still human.
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In my opinion the few homosexuals in rock are the best at what they do.
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I was never much of a fan when I was young, he was one of the people my mum had quite a few CDs of and it wasn't until I heard 'Tiny Dancer' that I actually started appreciating some of his music.
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I used to enjoy him, but now he's all I hear on my local radio station, so basically I can't stand him listening to him anymore.

He is talented, though.
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I love him. Madman Across the Water is one of the most underrated records of all time. So many great songs on that album.
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