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I'm new to the board, but searched for answers before posting. I just bought the Korg AX3G and wondered if anyone wanted to share their settings. I've gone through the "Ultimate Setting" post, but it seems more based on amp, and not on the effects pedal.

Anyone with a AX3G have settings they want to post?


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I'm also looking for some patch/settings on the AX3G, mostly Goth Trem as shown in the sampler.
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Wanted to bump this up. I've been searching for patches for the AX3G and the 5G for several days now...and haven't found a single user patch. I've created a yahoo group for that purpose, so if you've made any patches, please post them there to help others find that sound they are looking for. We want to spend more time playing the guitar, and less time figuring out the patch! Thanks, and here's the link if you'd like to start putting things in a central location: