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alright, not sure if this is the right forum, but i'll have a go anyway...

i'm forming a side project from my current band to become a metal/emo/screamo band. And we kinda...suck...yeah, that's a bland explanation, but it's true. The bassist follows me, our singer can't sound "good" when he sings some songs, and our drummer can't use a double-bass very well. Also, i can't play solos worth shit.

So, if there's any songs that you know with one guitar, one bass, one drums, and vocals...it'd help...a lot. Remember, metal/emo/screamo genres!
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"Stupid Girl" by Cold

Its not really screaming or whatever but its just some easy power chords and simple riff. The vocals arent that extreme too. There is a simple tab that isnt perfect but with a few tweaks im sure you all could make it sound good.

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Any suggestions on some pedals or amp to get would be great.
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I dunno. Maybe try Red Flag By Billy Talent. By the way, the dude who sings sounds a lot like Cobain in your myspace. Good job on the Smells like teen spirit cover. Much better than a lot of covers out there.

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thanks, it's one of the few songs we actually get recognition for though...that, and "TNT' by AC/DC...
"stupid girl"...good suggestion, it's morbidly depressing, and sounds pretty cool (no offense), but seriously good song, i have that cd
"red flag", to be honest...my current band is gonna learn, so thanks for the extra song..it expands our genre possiblities!

please keep 'em coming!