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I was playing Zelda last night and then all of a sudden I got a riff idea while I was running around the dark fortress thing. So....I tabbed it out, added a bunch of stuff and boom, here it is
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That was pretty good. That main riff kinda gets annoying, but i loved the solo and a couple of those other riffs. Nice work.
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From the bar 1 to 49 it is kinda metalcore. But from 49 to 64 it's power metal. I like it. Good job.
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I wanna play Zelda now. That was awesome.

EDIT: That solo is amazing.
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The verse Bassline is NICE!

The harmonies sound ace

The solo is cool, I didn't like how it came in after the acoustic bit though. The way it ended to the other riff was good however

The drums at the end were good as well

Very good song!
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that was really good man. all start off with the good things. the solo was amazing and so was the bassline. the riffs were very nice too. But, i think that the little lead thats played during the chorus, theres something that makes it sound like its off beat and it annoys the crap out of me. lol also, i think the acoustic part gets kinda monotone, theres a lot of open knows that are played non stop. but overall it was really really good man.
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I dont know the difference between metal core and metal, but it sounded great to me, the solo was awesome, i would just say mess around with that main riff and make it sound just a little different each time you play it. like first time youplay it the original way, then the second time you add something extra to it or somthing. good job though.
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As you were influenced by playing Zelda it makes sense but the metalcore parts are very power metal kind of corny sounding like a dragonforce vibe but thats obviously what you were going for.