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So; you think you're an AC/DCaholic, huh? Well, ya came to the right place. any thing ya wanna talk about, put it here!
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Quote by azz_kikr92
Hey, I got a question; does AC/DC mean anything?

LOL....aremt you suposed to be a ''AC/DCaholic'' ?
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There's already an AC/DC only Thread in here. Please go there, and there will be plenty of people to talk to you about AC/DC. Thanks
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have you guys heard the song riff raff? its one of my recent favorites.

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Angus and Malcolm Young claim that they first got the idea for the name after seeing the acronym "AC/DC" on the back of a sewing machine owned by their sister, Margaret Young. AC/DC is an abbreviation for "Alternating Current/Direct Current," indicating a device can be powered by either type of power source. The Young brothers liked the way that this name symbolized the band's raw energy and power-driven performances so the name stuck.[43][44]

In some cultures, "AC/DC" is a slang term implying bisexuality. The band have said that they were initially unaware of this and that the public brought it to their attention.[25]

Some religious figures have suggested that the name stood for "Anti-Christ/Devil's Children", "After Christ/Devil Comes" or "Anti Christ/Death to Christ;" the rumour has long persisted among critics who use it to paint the band as Satanists. The band has stated this is not true and has mocked these accusations.[44]

The name AC/DC is pronounced one letter at a time, although the band is nicknamed "Acca Dacca" by some Australian fans. The name has inspired a rash of tribute bands, such as BC/DC, from the Canadian province of British Columbia;[45] AC/DShe, an all-female group from San Francisco[46] and Hayseed Dixie, an Appalachian band specializing in bluegrass covers.

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Ok so has anyone here ever seen Angus use his sig SG?
If so let me know where