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Hey guys, I worked this out a few months ago and I figured maybe I should let you guys see it, let me hear what you think.

It's not your basic song by any means, lots of wierd structure, lots of intricate leads at one point. I basically wrote this track as a means for me to practice playing untraditional song structures.

I hope you enjoy it, and leave me feedback. Delicious feedback.
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Hey i really liked this
I am Cool Thanks for listening.
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I swear you ripped of 007 for the keyboards at the start Is nice though

The main theme/verse seems way too repetitive

The transition from Chorus to Bridge is too sudden me thinks

The leads sound great
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haha no doubt about the similarities to 007 on the keyboard, but overall a pretty cool song
Johnny Jr.
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Wow, thats really nice! It all sounded pretty rad to me, and those were some pretty wicked solos :P
Liam Efting
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Interestingly enough, I was contacted by someone who wants to use this song in thier band. lol. I was flattered, to say the least, now THATS good feedback.
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