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This is a song I wrote for an english project, it's very inspired by a Tenacious D song but still different. Any comments would be appreciated.
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Ok its probebly a ok song if you got some lyrics to it or add a lead guitar.
But now its to repetitive and boring without no lead or vocal.
And i dont realy like the lead you got at the end, you repeat it to much, make some variation.
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if it was a shorter song it would be ok but it gets very repetitive. Try adding an interesting bass line, or changing up the seocnd guitar a little, it kind of mirrors the first guitar, make it variate a little and add a little life into the song.
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It was very repetitive but I thought it was reall catchy so it kept my attention. I also like the leads in the last 2 choruses. So, overall decent song. 7/10.

P.S. Cheers on having a good PTAB score. Added chord names, and no score checker errors and a use of key sigs. Just felt I should point that out. Lol.

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