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Hey again guys,

I figured maybe I'd show you guys another tab, this one is for my new song "Soul Violation" dedicated to the evils of Psychiatry, I'll be posting the mp3 of the recording within a few days too. So I figure this is a cool little teaser.

Enjoy =D

EDIT: Heres a MIDI =D
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I love you. Can I please have your ba... err, guitar, money and computer?

(no, really, it was amazing)
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The Main Theme is good

I don't really like the doesn't feel very...chorusy

I think it need more lead as well, the keyboard/piano also sounded nice
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Yeah the chorus is kind of odd because there arn't any lyrics over it, its just sort of a interesting fill.

And I'm considering more leads as well, in the final cut.

And thank you Fama. lol.
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I liked that a lot, the breakdown/lead section was pretty awesome

as giant raven said, bit more lead please

Awesome song though, well done

New tracks on my profile! Please check them out and see what you think!